Michael Hoyt – Excellence in Athletics

Michael Hoyt, Mt. Spokane sophomore, is one amazing athlete!

Competing in the National Junior Disability Championships this summer, Michael competed in the 100, 200, 400, 800, and 1500m. He placed first in the 800 and 1500m and second in the 100, 200, and 400 with personal records achieved in all events.

Congratulations, Michael!  We are proud of your accomplishments!

KXLY featured Michael and his teammates in a video piece that can be accessed by clicking HERE.




Bruce Holbert – Author & MSHS Teacher

When students enter Bruce Holbert’s English classroom, they’re engaging a published author who not only teaches the writing process – he lives it.

The author of published novels and short works, Bruce recently released The Hour of Lead.  Village Books states the following about the novel and author:

“After losing both his twin and his father in a brutal, unexpected snowstorm, Matt Lawson must take over the family ranch. As his mother disappears into grief, Matt learns the hardest lesson the west has to teach: he is on his own. The necessity of work stabilizes young Matt against the pitfalls of first love with Wendy, the daughter of a local grocer, and their ragged end will sent Matt on a journey across the county, leaving Wendy to tend the ranch with local schoolteacher Linda Jefferson and her unwieldy son Lucky. It will take decades for Matt to learn his way back home, and that long journey will have great impact on all of those around him.

Invoking the same beautiful landscape and language of his critically-acclaimed debut, The Hour of Lead is a wider, more expansive novel, less violent but just as affecting, another important contribution to the literature of the west.

Bruce Holbert is a graduate of the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop. His work has appeared in The Iowa Review, Hotel America, Other Voices, The Antioch Review, Crab Creek Review, West Wind Review, Cairn, and The New York Times. Holbert grew up on the Columbia River in the shadow of the Grand Coulee and a stone’s throw from the Okanagan Mountains. His great-grandfather was an Indian scout and among the first settlers of the Grand Coulee.”

Congratulations, Mr. Holbert, on your continued success! We are proud that you’re a Mt. Spokane Wildcat!


Spirit doesn’t Stop!

Wildcat spirit, it appears, never takes a break!

The 2014-15 MSHS cheer squad spent time building relationships and preparing for the upcoming school year by attending a cheer camp at Deer Lake. Thank you to each of the girls and their advisor, Nancy Butz, for spending some hot July days working together!

Go ‘Cats!


Alumni Update – Emily Trobaugh – Class of 2006

Emily Trobaugh (MSHS ’06) is truly changing the world.

Currently serving as a Captain in the US Army, Emily is leading a Female Engagement Team to engage and support women in Afghanistan. The topic of a recent Spokesman-Review article, Emily is giving women the greatest of gifts: hope.

From Shawn Vestal of the Spokesman-Review:
Trobaugh, a Spokane native who graduated from Mt. Spokane High School in 2006, and her soldiers spent months trying to form relationships with women in rural villages of the high desert in the country’s Ghazni region. It was a new – and not always well-understood – part of the American battle against the counterinsurgency in that country, and for Trobaugh and her team it required a lot of delicate diplomacy. Eventually, they were able to provide 10 sewing machines – old-fashioned foot-pedal models – to allow a group of Afghan women the chance to run their own business from their homes, without running afoul of cultural traditions.

At the ceremony where the sewing machines were presented, a young woman in a blue burqa approached Trobaugh with great urgency. She sat almost knee-to-knee with her, Trobaugh said, and an interpreter translated her words: “I heard you can help get women to college. I heard that you have that power … Please help me.”

Trobaugh – a captain serving in one of the toughest regions of the world – felt her eyes well up with tears. “This is the reason I was there,” she said this week in an interview. “To help this young woman.”

Thank you, Emily, for your service to our country and the obvious care and grace with which you support people throughout our world. We are proud!

To read the full article, please click HERE 


Alumni Update – Zach Stensland & Kyle Peterson – Class of 2013

When you combine creativity, passion and hard work the outcome is typically one of fulfillment and success. This is my hope for all of our graduates, and it’s exciting to share success stories from our alumni.

Although recent MSHS graduates, Zach Stensland (MSHS ’13) and Kyle Peterson (MSHS ’13) are certainly combining their passion, creativity and hard work through their company – OK Sock. Started while seniors at Mt. Spokane High School, OK Sock started from humble beginnings. A simple press with numerous trial runs led to the formation of a company that brings uniquely printed socks to consumers and has grown exponentially. Now, as the boys have completed their freshman years at Arizona State (Zach Stensland) and Washington State (Kyle Peterson), their company has taken another BIG step.

Invited to the prestigious Agenda Show in Long Beach, California, OK Sock was present at “. . . the most diverse and creative lifestyle fashion trade show in the world. Since 2003, Agenda has emerged as the premier destination for brands and retailers to converge. Agenda is where passion becomes profit and the business of creativity is conducted in a truly authentic environment. Buyers, brands, investors, distributors, and media hail from around the globe, gathering at Agenda to build partnerships, participate in the community, and grow their businesses” (agendashow.com)

Congratulations, Zach and Kyle! Everyone at MSHS is proud of your diligence and passion!

Please visit OK Sock via their website. Be sure to follow them on Instagram, facebook and twitter, too!

Go ‘Cats!

IMG_2484 IMG_2504 photo copy


Congratulations, Jacob Lionello!

Jacob Lionello can add another accomplishment to his resume.

As our incoming ASB President at Mt. Spokane, Jacob serves as a leader in numerous capacities. From his role within ASB to the football field and track, Jacob is looked upon to provide positive leadership each and every day. Now, as an American Legion Boys Nation delegate, Jacob will have another opportunity to fine tune his leadership skills.

Jacob is only one of 98 high school student representatives throughout the U.S. chosen to attend The American Legion Boys Nation. He is one of two delegates selected from the state based on leadership skills, academic record and activity at American Legion Boys State. The week-long program introduces the senators to the structure and function of the federal government while combining lectures and forums with visitations to federal agencies, institutions, memorials and historical spots in and around Washington, D.C.

Congratulations, Jacob!


Wildcat ASB Starts Early

Nothing like starting early!

The 2014-15 Associated Student Body (ASB) officers were given the opportunity to jump start their team building during a leadership camp at Mt. Triumph this month. Thankfully, one of their camp leaders was our own James Layman, and the work that was completed will be sure to have an impact this upcoming school year!

Thank you, officers, for taking the time to work together and plan! You’re appreciated!


Year #2 – Thank you, MSHS!

Thank you, Mt. Spokane!
As my second year quickly came to a close on June 12th, I’ve now had some time to reflect on what a truly amazing year 2013/14 was for our Wildcats.
Beginning in September with record heat and no air conditioning, staff and students came each day with shorts and Hawaiian shirts in tow. With the additions of bottled water and Otter Pops to curb the heat, we all endured the 90 degree coziness of our beautiful brick building as the buzz of industrial fans greeted us each morning.  Somehow, we all grinned and made the most of a rather uncomfortable start!
Throughout the year I did my best to detail the numerous accomplishments that were awarded to MSHS students and staff. Among the many highlights:
  • The bell returned to MSHS after a thrilling 10-0 football contest against Mead.
  • The marching band show “Haunted” was a show-stopper and provided a historic, sweepstakes-filled year for our program.
  • Les Miserables captivated the entire Mt. Spokane community with amazing performances by our budding actors/actresses and musicians.
  • MSHS DECA took a record number of students to local, state and national competitions.
  • Wildcat Scholars placed amazingly high again at the annual Spokane Scholars award banquet with four placers.
  • We crowned our first state team athletic champion with a memorable run by our Girls Golf team.
  • 97% of our graduates in 2014 will enter a four-year college/university, two-year college, tech/trade school, apprenticeship program or the military.  MSHS students are truly answering the question “What’s Next?” with specificity!
  • With over 1,200 points, Mt. Spokane High School outscored every other school in the Greater Spokane League in 2013/14.  Based on academic excellence, athletic achievement and sportsmanship, this was truly an unbelievable accomplishment.  (Click the WIAA file below!)

And so – thank you.  I frequently tell people I hold the best job in the world, and I really believe this is true!

Enjoy a restful summer!

Go ‘Cats!