One Cool ‘Cat – Avery Plank

Project Unconditional Love.

A fitting title for an amazing non-profit that seeks to feed and vaccinate pets throughout our city. The coolest part? It was founded by a current Mt. Spokane High School 9th grade student.

In the summer of 2014, Avery Plank’s father was meeting with representatives from Blessings Under the Bridge. Casually, Avery asked if the dogs and cats that were running around were being fed and vaccinated. The response of “Not really” caused Avery to spring into action, and two and a half years later, the heart of his mission and work is alive and well.

Avery started by simply collecting extra pet food from friends and family. He would then take quarts and gallons of food to Blessings Under the Bridge for distribution. Fast forward to today, Project Unconditional Love is supported by Northwest Seed & Pet and serves animals throughout the greater Spokane area.

It’s an understatement, but Avery Plank is one cool ‘Cat, and we are fortunate to have him at Mt. Spokane!

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