One Cool ‘Cat – Mrs. Yolanda Dooley

Would you like to see how a high school library is supposed to serve students? If so, swing by Mt. Spokane and have a visit with Mrs. Yolanda Dooley.

Serving as the Queen of our library, Yolanda never ceases to come up with ideas to engage students and support them in their learning. Truly, this is a safe and nurturing place.

From working with circuits to using a 3D printer, students can let their imaginations run wild, and this is all due to the vision and care that Yolanda spends each day for our students and staff.

One idea that started a few years ago and continues to be popular is “Blind Date with a Book.” After reading a book, students have the ability to wrap it up, place clues on the paper cover, and allow other students to choose it without ever seeing the title. What a great idea!

Mt. Spokane High School is a special place because of people. Mrs. Yolanda Dooley makes this statement true each and every day!

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