Brian Garcia Mora – One Cool ‘Cat

Mt. Spokane High School freshman Brian Garcia Mora is one amazing Wildcat.

When I received the following message from the Spokane Sea Cadets, I smiled from ear to ear:

“Good afternoon, I am writing to you on behalf of the adult leadership from Fort Spokane Battalion Sea Cadets. We are proud to share with you the accomplishments of your student, Brian Garcia Mora.

Cadet Garcia Mora is a talented young man that has a heart of gold. I would not doubt that you or your staff has seen his kind actions around school. Cadet Garcia Mora shows great leadership a has been a significant source of leadership to our younger cadets.

Below is what our Commanding Officer has shared on Facebook about Cadet Garcia Mora. We would be very proud if you share this with your staff/school. When a cadet receives an award within our program, it is because they worked hard, performed beyond expectations, and is moving towards a goal greater than just for themselves.

The final post for this week belongs to Fort Spokane Battalion’s 2017 Recruit Cadet of the Year, SA Brian Garcia Mora. Joining Fort Spokane Battalion in September 2016, SA Garcia Mora quickly took aim at completing his requirements for attending Recruit Training. After successfully completing Recruit Training, this past summer, he was chosen to be Command Guidon Bearer. He is an expert at semaphore and is instrumental in teaching his peers with marching and how to send messages via semaphore.
His awards include: Citation Ribbon, Academic Achievement Ribbon, Office of Naval Research Ribbon, 2 Unit Commendation Ribbons, and a Physical Fitness Ribbon with “E” appurtenance for fitness excellence.
Bravo Zulu SA Garcia Mora! We are extremely proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see you achieve even more!”

Congratulations, Brian! We are proud of your accomplishments and look forward to hearing more!

Go ‘Cats!

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