Jared Floe – Wildcat Rodeo!

Congratulations, Jared Floe!

MSHS graduate Jared Floe won the Washington State High school Rodeo Title for the 2015/2016 Season in Bareback Riding. He placed 3rd in trap shooting and 5th in Saddle Bronc Riding. Jared is now joining Team Washington and will be representing our state at Nationals in Gillette, Wyoming in July this summer.


Jared will attend EWU in the fall where he will continue his rodeo career while studying engineering.  Congratulations, Jared, we are proud!

Go ‘Cats!  Go Eagles!

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Senior Movie Night

One week.  That’s it.  One week.

To celebrate their final full Thursday in high school, the Class of 2016 decided to start a new tradition: Senior Movie Night.

Taking to the courtyard, seniors arrived with blankets, hammocks, lawn chairs and food to spend an evening together.  What a great way to spend a Thursday night!

Thanks to our ASB for supporting this event!

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Caring ‘Cats – Benefit Concert

Tuesday night was an evening to give back.

Organized by MSHS students, a benefit concert was held to support Mt. Spokane teacher and golf coach Eleen Northcutt as she continues to battle cancer.  Those who attended were treated to a night of great music for a worthy cause.

Thanks to all those who organized and attended!

Go ‘Cats!

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Senior Campout in the Courtyard

The first day of June.  Time for a Senior Campout.

After arriving at school I noticed our courtyard looked differently than most Wednesday mornings. As part of their final push towards graduation, a few creative twelfth-grade students decided to pitch some tents and hang some hammocks.

Here are some pictures. What a great senior class!

Go ‘Cats!





















Senior Award Night – Congratulations!

The Class of 2016 has much to celebrate!

Last week, students were honored by each academic department and in groups ranging from National Honor Society members to Running Start students to our Valedictorians.

Congratulations to all of our students who were recognized!  We are proud!

Go ‘Cats!

Hannah Bowles – One Cool ‘Cat

Hannah Bowles has had quite a ride during her four years in high school.

A level 10 gymnast, Hannah has dedicated hours to the sport she loves. While the balancing act between school and gymnastics wasn’t always easy, she found a way to achieve at each and every turn. Here are some highlights from my conversation with a remarkable MSHS student/athlete:

Favorite Memories
* Hannah placed in the top 10 (All Around) at the Regional Competition held at Beasley Coliseum in Pullman, Washington.

* “My most memorable meet was the level 9 Western Championships. I earned 14th in All Around and 7th on vault. I held first place for the majority of the competition. . . it was an awesome memory.”

* Qualified for the National Championships two years in a row. . . what an amazing accomplishment!

* Balancing homework and gymnastics wasn’t always easy. Hannah trained from 4:00pm to 9:00pm on most weeknights after attending school all day. During her junior year, Hannah remembered staying up until midnight. With meets out of town from January through May, many weeks found her missing a Monday or Friday for travel purposes. With all this being said, Hannah has absolutely no regrets!

The Future
Hannah plans to attend Eastern Washington University in the fall. She will begin giving back to the gymnastics community by coaching level 3 “team” gymnastics at Dynamic. Although the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse made contact with Hannah and offered her a spot within their gymnastics program, she felt like EWU was simply a better fit. Earning a $3000.00 renewable scholarship doesn’t hurt either!

Like many seniors, Hannah ended our discussion by stating that she will miss her friends as they will all be going their separate ways. Thankfully, Hannah will not be soon forgotten based upon the legacy of hard work and kindness she has left at Mt. Spokane.

Congratulations, Hannah!

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Caring ‘Cats

Giving back.

The Mt. Spokane Cheer Squad and Dance Team gave of their time to help with the 2016 Marmot March for Spokane children. Working together, the girls helped to make this annual event a memorable one for the kids who participated.

Thank you, girls, for giving your time! Thanks, too, to advisor Nancy Butz for helping to make this volunteer opportunity possible!

Go ‘Cats!

IMG_0262 IMG_0264 IMG_0265

National History Day – ‘Cats at State!

Another state-level National History Day competition. Another great showing for a group of Mt. Spokane scholars!

Green River CC is the backdrop for this picture. MSHS students, (literally on the river), took a photo-op moment after competing at state for History Day. Congratulations to the 11 students who competed with four in the finals!

Congratulations to the following ‘Cats:

Sarah Theischafer
Ali Jones
Kaitlyn Zemke
Sophie Madill
Maryn Osmun
Gabi Campbell
Elisabeth Smith
Christina Frazier
Joey Roach
Kellen Fitzgerald
Leah Walton

We are proud of your dedication and achievements!


Wildcats travel to OSF


This word best describes my feelings after learning that our students would be traveling to Ashland, Oregon to take-in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.

Thanks to the leadership of drama director Jessica Rempel, a group of MSHS students had the opportunity to visit one of the most decorated theatre companies in the United States.

The provided picture was taken in front of the Allen Elizabethan Theatre, modeled after the Globe. Students watched four shows, participated in a workshop about how culture influences art, and had a multimedia backstage tour. Fun was had by all!

Thank you to Jessica Rempel for supporting this endeavor!

Go ‘Cats!


Madaleine Osmun – One Cool ‘Cat

As a student just wrapping-up her sophomore year, Madaleine Osmun accepted the challenge to serve on the Sate Board of Education. Now that her two-year term has ended, I was glad to listen to Madaleine’s reflections as she prepares to graduate as a MSHS Senior.

One Wish
Madaleine felt like there is more to accomplish and wishes that she could actually serve another year.

The “biggest” challenge was trying to find solutions for the complex issues that face our educational system. For example, testing is a hot button issue. While Madaleine understands the positive implications for a larger system, she struggles with the value-added for individual students.

* “I will always remember the student representatives that I served with on the board. We have become very good friends through my experience.”
* “I loved giving presentations and always felt like adults were listening. I never felt like a token, and I appreciated feeling this way.”
* “Site visits always reflected teachers and administrators who cared deeply.”
* “I’ve learned how to be independent, think for myself, and analyze situations and issues.”
* “It was interesting to be on the ‘interviewer’ side of the chair. Gaining that perspective of seeing what was important through an interview process will help me later in life. I also realize I don’t have to be so intimidated when interviewing for a position.”

Thank you, Madaleine, for representing Mt. Spokane with such dignity and class. We are very proud of your service to our state!

Go ‘Cats!

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